Encounter Christian Church brings the good news and love of Jesus to our community, cultivating hope, faith, wholeness, and spiritual maturity.


To build a thriving community of people who are accepted, loved, transformed, equipped, and empowered to live for Jesus Christ.


JESUS / We exist so that people can know Jesus. He is our message. LOVE / We love all people. GOD'S WORD / We trust in the Bible for instruction in life. WORSHIP / We worship God with how we live. GOD’S PRESENCE / We give the Holy Spirit first place in all we do. COMMUNITY / We are better together. We choose to focus on what unifies us. HONOR / We honor leadership that God has placed over us and we believe the greatest way to lead is to serve. GENEROSITY / We love being generous with our time, talent, and treasure.GROWTH / We believe in multiplying over maintaining. MISSIONS / We are called to reach the world.